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Environmental project

2020 reforestation Reservation Machu Picchu

Before the various forest fires that occurred in Cusco, the Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco are coordinating the execution of a reforestation project of one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.

The project called «A million trees for Machu Picchu» suggests with the tourist packages at visitors hire, can voluntarily contribute the cost of tree. The money raised, will used to replaces that flora destroyed by various forest fires, which affected some areas of historic sanctuary.

This initiative has coordinated by Association of Tourism Agencies of Cusco (AATC), said that project is last section, the validate way which is charge would applied to visitors. He also indicated, at sustainable would have term of five years. Currently, on our planet, are losing year after year large forest masses, as result of deforestation or forest destruction.

Reservation Machu Picchu and it commitment to environment.

Reservation Machu Picchu, Cusco and it surroundings are home center of work and life, and that dedicate ourselves and express respect and it gratitude having quarterly cleaning campaigns in surrounding areas.

We go 3 consecutive years, «Reservation Machu Picchu» and their staff have promoted massive cleaning of surrounding places not give it environmental cleanliness. This whole project thanks to initiative of General Manager and founder of «Reservation Machu Picchu«, who always take initiative in cleaning campaign. Machu Picchu Viajes Peru supports and creates the Environmental Project.

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