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Christmas Project

Christmas 2017 with Reservation Machupicchu

2017, “Reservation Machupicchu” as every year fulfilled the support of 50 children, the Andean mountains of Tincoc – Paruro Cusco. When people arrived, people were surprised to strange visitors, which is normal because it very rare to see people visiting their populated center, already talking with the locals and entering in confidence made them meet and call the settlers, and that started doing, the chocolate while people gathered.

They had a chocolate with their paneton and gifts, the locals were very grateful and satisfied. These are children who do not have resources, or the capacity for many reasons to enjoy Christmas for reasons is Project it carried out, which fills us with joy for every smile they give us. Reservation Machupicchu would like reach populated centers with this Christmas Project but these lack of recourse forces us gradually support different places.

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